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Discover the Basque gastronomy: a feast for all your senses

The Basque gastronomy, powerful in flavors and in traditions, is a real invitation to a feast for all your senses. In Biarritz and in the entire Basque Country region, the gourmets will find an abundance of high-quality local products, as well as a genuine cuisine which reflects the soul of this generous land.

Regional specialties:

Bayonne ham: PGI labeled, Bayonne ham is a real institution in the Basque gastronomy. Refined following traditional methods, this dry-cured ham offers delicate flavors and melting texture which delight taste buds.

Trout of Banca: Located in the Aldudes Valley, it is a specialty renowned for its tender flesh and its delicate taste. Fished in the pure water of the Basque rivers, it is often grilled or cooked in foil to preserve its freshness and its taste.

Espelette chili pepper: With its PDO, it is the iconic spice of the Basque Country. Cultivated since centuries in the region, this chili pepper, sweet and perfumed, adds a subtle warmth to numerous traditional meals, like in the piperade or in the Basquaise chicken.

Ossau-Iraty cheese: Made with ewe milk, this pressed paste cheese seduces with its smooth texture and its powerful flavors. Accompanied with black cherry jam, it offers the perfect match of sweet and salty.

Bayonne chocolate: It is an other specialty from the region. Elaborated with high-quality cocoa and sometimes embellished with Espelette chili pepper, it seduces chocolate aficionados from all over the world with its intense taste and its velvety texture.

Basque cake: Symbol of the Basque gastronomy, it is a delicious traditional pastry, filled with cream or black berry ham. This soft texture with exquisite taste cake is a real delight for the taste buds.

Basque cider: Called « sagerno » in Euskara, it is a refreshing and sparkling drink which accompanied perfectly all your dishes. Made with local apples, it distinguished itself in low sugar content and in its acidity.

Irouleguy wines: They are the pride of Basque vineyards. Nested in the heart of the mountains, this vineyards produce red, rosé and white wines of the greatest finesse with an exceptional and powerful taste. PDO labeled, they reflect the unique terroirs of the region and match perfectly with the different local dishes. 

The Basque gastronomy is a real celebration of flavors, traditions and craftsmanship. Exploring the markets, the restaurants and the vineyards of the region, visitors will have the occasion to discover a varied gourmet range which testify of the unique identity of the Basque Country. If you are a terroirs products aficionado, our gastronomy will know how to satisfy all your gourmet wants.